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Pimlico Pond

General Info: Pimlico Pond

Local Advocates: Marlyse Pikul and Susan Perry
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Pimlico Advocate: Marlyse Pikul

My name is Marlyse Pikul and I’m originally from upstate New York. I met my husband on Cape Cod in 1970, and it has become a special place for us. Our friends, the DaCosta/Perry family, owned a summer cottage on Pimlico Pond where we spent many fun-filled weekends and fell in love with the pond and the surrounding area. When the cottage next door to them became available for sale in 1984, we jumped at the chance to become part of our treasured pond‘s community. Over the years, our children and grandchildren have developed the same love of pond life. We’ve made memories of swimming, fishing, floating, tracking turtles and ducks, kayaking, jumping off our old raft , roasting s’mores, hosting clam and lobster boils— and so much more! Pimlico Pond is a magical place for us, and preserving it for generations to come is paramount!

Pimlico Advocate: Susan Perry

My history with Pimlico Pond begins 69 yrs ago. It was the summer of 1955 and my father was working construction at Otis Air Force base. It was sweltering hot and he and his buddies working that day were looking for somewhere to go for a swim to cool off on their lunch break. They found Pimlico Pond and what a find it was!
My grandparents quickly bought a little two room cottage on Pimlico and my parents bought a lot of land on the pond and my father began the long laborious process of building our cottage.
My memories go back to summer days with cousins and family friends coming to swim and play with us at the cottage while the parents visited and enjoyed each others company . There was no electricity or plumbing. Oil lamps lit the cottage at night for the card games and lanterns helped us find our way to the outhouse. My father built our cottage from salvaged wood from the tear down of barracks at the base. No electricity meant no power tools. Every board was cut by hand. It took him5years to complete. The best use of 5 yrs anyone could have given us. The floats we used during the day to lounge in the sun on the peaceful water became our bed on the floor at night. We are now on our 5th generation enjoying this beautiful, peaceful paradise. John's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have learned to swim, row a boat, paddleboard and kayak on Pimlico and have developed a love and respect for nature. For us, this pond is sacred. We will do whatever it takes to preserve this precious paradise forfuture generations

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