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 Village Green Project 

Sandwich/Village Green Affordable Housing (40B)

Today is February 6, 2024.  At this time there are NO permit applications before the town to construct anything.

Our intention is to educate ourselves on the impact these development proposals at this Rt. 130, Pimlico Pond Road location could have on our Peters Pond, the groundwater, community and environment.

Project Overview

This video playlist gives viewers an overview of the entire scope of the project. Village Green 144 apartments, Sandwich Green 240 apartments and a 5 acre solar field are being proposed on a 64 acre parcel between Rt. 130, Pimlico Pond Rd and Peters Pond. The owners are applying for permitting under the Massachusetts Affordable Housing Statue, Chapter 40B.

Land Ownership History

The proposed development, roughly 65 Acres between Rt 130, Pimlico Pond Rd. and Peters Pond, has had a number of owners since the 1940's but only within the last 15 years have there been land development proposals as outlined in this video.  We've compiled a chronology of dates and events associated with the multiple owners and project proposals.  Our hope is that it will be a valuable resource to better understand the history and progression of events regarding this land.  Timeline.pdf, TimelineAcronyms.pdf

Location Concerns

The size, scope and location of this development has us and many others that live in or near the Forestdale area concerned about the environmental impact on our pond, the watershed, stormwater runoff and other potential problems.  After researching the submitted Project Eligibility Letters and the Comprehensive Permit for Forestdale Village we have complied a list of concerns we feel should be explored further. 


Below is a bullet point list of concerns.  The full list can be downloaded/viewed here Concerns_112122.pdf

It is our hope that publishing this list will help educate others on the potential issues at stake in this location. This list is by no means complete and may spawn other issues or concerns of yours so feel free to send them to us for inclusion.

Land History & Design Proposals

  • Village Green and Sandwich Green do not conform to local zoning by-laws.

  • Village Green and Sandwich Green are not congruous with the building standards & recommendations made by Sandwich.

  • Village Green and Sandwich Green have separate PEL submissions that do not include the entire 64-acre site as a whole project which is important for proper review and required by Chapter 40B law.

Site Access & Traffic Impact

  • Increase traffic concerns due to general population growth, proposed development density.

  • Traffic safety issues at entrances, exits and intersections.

  • Traffic study required


  • Sandwich does not have public sewer access on Rt. 130.

  • Current PEL plans do not depict wastewater treatment type or design.

  • Wastewater for Village and/or Sandwich Green exceeds DEP Title V limit (2x) exclusive of other phases: Will require a groundwater discharge permit from MassDEP.

  • Down gradient Mashpee wells (receptor):  Project will require analysis/evaluation for all project phases. 

  • Peters Pond is a Class A fishery (receptor): Declining biological health (cyanobacteria). Requires pond health analysis & nutrient impact to determine treatment design for all project phases.

  • Popponesset Bay (receptor): Treatment requires No Net Nitrogen in compliance with (IMA) Inter Municipal Agreement & Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Mashpee and Barnstable encompassing all project phases.

  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Requires evaluation comparison of standard vs PFAS/PFOS treatment encompassing all project phases.

Stormwater Runoff / Drainage / Erosion / Clear Cutting

  • Clear cutting over 9 acres exceeding 1 acre limit without permit per NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System).  See clearcutting map.

  • Current stormwater runoff contamination into Peters Pond from excessive clearcutting, lack of sedimentation control/management on site.  

  • Concern about future points of stormwater entry into Peters Pond. 

  • No net nitrogen MOU(Memorandum of Understanding) IMA(Inter-Municipal Agreement) with Barnstable and Mashpee.

Open Space

  • NHESP (Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program) open space requirements.

Protected Endangered Species


  • History of trespassing issues in private areas.

  • Development designs effect trespassing potential.

Town Services / Infrastructure Effects

  • Proposed building heights exceed current fire truck capability.

  • Concern about the stress, management and cost on our police/ambulance and other infrastructure services.

Project Updates

8/26/2022: Hired Dennis Murphy (40B Attorney) for citizen representation. Fundraising ongoing through donations

12/8/2022: Citizen Educational Session on affordable housing law, Development Status Update, Q&A (Video here)

1/5/2023: Sandwich Selectmen's Meeting: Stormwater, runoff, erosion, clear-cutting issues (Video here)

1/12/2023: Letter  from Mashpee Select Board: Concerns over proposed development (Letter)

Phase 2: Village Green/Sandwich Crossing: PEL approval, Comprehensive Plan Submittal (TBD)

Phase 1: Solar Array Field: Town Permit Application submittal (TBD)

Phase 3: Sandwich Green: PEL submitted

Document Resources

Forestdale Village(2010): PEL(Project Eligibility Letter) to MA housing, ZBA approval w/62 conditions

Sandwich Green(2021): PEL to MA housing

Village Green(2022): PEL to MA housing, Board of Selectman letter to MA housing, MA housing approval letter

Chapter 40B Handbook for Zoning Boards of Appeal: Handbook

Location Concerns: Concerns_112122.pdf

Endangered Species: JointBaseCapeCod_Fauna, JoistBaseCapeCod_Flora

NHESP Site Classification Map: Cape Cod Commission Significant Natural Resource Areas

Clear Cutting Land Area Map: clearcutting map

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